Making Corrections to Your Inventor's Log

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How do I make corrections when documenting my invention idea?

Making Corrections to Your Inventor's Log

If it is necessary to indicate a change the text of your invention log, put parenthesis around the text and draw a line through it. You can change drawings by circling or drawing a square around an object and drawing a big “X” through the area. The big “X” practice should also be used to cover large areas of blank page to show they are not in use and will not be in use.

Don't erase or use correction fluid on anything you write or sketch in your invention documentation. Erasing notations or sketches could raise questions as to whether you made an honest mistake, changed your mind or were trying to change the date of conception or development of your new invention ideas.

It is just as important that you do not tear out or otherwise remove any numbered pages from your permanently bound book.



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