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What can I do to feel more confident at an invention trade show?

Arrive Early

Show up early to the venue that is holding the invention trade show. Get a feel for where everything is and how things will look when everything is set up. If you can, arrange your booth early. By avoiding the last minute rush, you'll feel more confident and steady when it's time to show your invention idea.

How can I improve my invention trade show booth?

Observe Other Booths

Don't spend all of your time at an invention trade show in your own booth. Take some time to look around at the booths that other inventors have. Make mental notes about how they present their invention idea and how invention companies seem to respond to them. You may find a few good ideas for how to change your presentation that you can use at your next invention trade show.

Where should I set up at an invention trade show?

Which Booth to Choose

If your invention trade show gives you the option to choose which booth to display your invention idea in, consider how much traffic each area will be getting. Booths by the entrances, exits and restrooms are always highly visible. If you can, get one of these booths for maximum exposure.

Avoid booths near food vendors. Although these may seem like good places to set up because of the high traffic, many visitors to your booth will be distracted by the food and less able to concentrate on your invention idea.

How can I make a good first impression at an invention trade show?

Looking Good

When you're displaying your invention idea at an invention trade show, use every bit of space you have to create a positive impression. By being organized and tidy, you show invention companies that you are a responsible, reliable person.

Display professional looking signs and marketing materials that draw attention to the benefits of your invention. Use only a few colors to keep visitors to your booth from feeling visually overwhelmed.

Where is an ideal place to exhibit my invention?

Exhibit at an Invention Trade Show

Display your invention at an invention trade show. Trade show exhibits can provide a forum for inventors and entrepreneurs to exhibit their inventions, share their ideas and try to make contacts with companies interested in new products. By demonstrating your invention, you may get direct feedback from attendees or uncover new opportunities for your invention.

How do I keep up my energy at tradeshow exhibits?

Be Enthusiastic at Your Trade Show Booth

Show that you are enthusiastic about your invention at an invention trade show by standing up and talking to people. Make eye contact and avoid slouching. Keep your energy up by sleeping well the night before, eating well, taking periodic breaks, and wearing comfortable shoes. Your ease and enthusiasm will rub off on the people who view your display.

How can I keep track of all the contacts I make at a tradeshow?

Collect Business Cards and Take Notes

As you collect business cards from visitors at your trade show exhibition booth, jot a brief note on the back of each card to help you remember who that person is. After days on your feet at an invention trade show it's impossible to remember who you met, what they asked and why they stopped at your booth. By making notes on the back of each card you collect, you will be much more likely to remember everything when you get home.

Is attending trade shows helpful?

Industry Trade Shows - A Great Place For Selling and Learning

Industry Trade shows represent an invaluable opportunity for inventors. And how convenient of them to gather all in one place and at one time.

You don't have to have a booth at a trade show to get a lot out of one. Walking the aisles and talking to as many people as possible can help you notice market trends, learn about companies that can manufacture and market your invention, learn about manufacturing techniques and materials, get a feel for price points and gain contacts. Just don't forget that you do not want to reveal your invention here. You just want to notice similarities and differences, and collect business cards so you can contact potential partners individually.

Every industry has at least one major trade show a year, often run by the industry's largest trade association.

How can I prepare to present my invention at an invention trade show?

Highlight the Features and Benefits of Your Invention

Before exhibiting your invention at an invention trade show, rehearse a 30-60 second overview of your invention's features and benefits with a friend. Write down your the main features and benefits on an index card. Stick to those points when you're talking to people at the invention trade show. Although it's appropriate to give a little backstory as to how you came up with your invention, focus on how it can help other people solve a problem.

How should I decorate my booth at an Invention trade show?

Keep it Visually Simple at Your Trade Show Booth

To give people an at-a-glace idea of what your invention is all about, display posters with photos of your invention in use. Focus on what problem your invention solves and center your display around why the problem needs to be solved and how your invention solves it in the best way. Your trade show exhibit booth doesn't have to be elaborate. In fact, a simple display without a lot of extra decoration will most effectively keep people's attention on your invention.

What should I do when I get home from an invention trade show?

After You Come Home From an Invention Trade Show

If you've done your job well, you are coming home from your invention trade show with a stack of business cards with notes on the back to remind you of the conversations you've had. Now is the time to make turn these acquaintances into partners.

Write thank you cards or letters to everyone you talked to. If you can, refer to the specifics of the conversation that you had while at the invention trade show. Mention your new products inventions again.

Continue to find reasons to send correspondence to the people you met at the invention trade show. If you are courteous and if your product is marketable enough, you'll hear back from them.

What should I do if someone doesn't like my invention?

Accepting Constructive Criticism

Pay attention to the feedback you get from visitors to your invention trade show booth. Invention company representatives and other inventors can all give you insights into how to make your invention more marketable.

You shouldn't take every suggestion to heart, but you should take every suggestion into consideration. You may come away with a great new invention idea.

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