Using Several Intellectual Property Protection Options

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Can more than one intellectual property protections be used simultaneously?

Using Several Intellectual Property Protection Options

Often, when an inventor develops a new product, he or she thinks in terms of obtaining a patent. A good patent law firm can point out when your new invention or product needs to employ several options to best defend your product.

Here's an example: Let's say you've developed a new kind of sneaker. It employs a radical new foot support structure, has a unique outer design and carries your logo on its side. Your patent attorney may decide you need to file for a utility patent to protect the foot support structure, a design patent to protect the unique outer design, and a trademark to protect your logo.

An experienced patent law firm will recognize these needs as they carefully examine and evaluate your new intellectual property. Using complementary protections are not too uncommon, and will present your invention in its strongest possible light.



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