Find Your Creative Invention Spot

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Where do people do their best creative invention thinking?

Find Your Creative Invention Spot

Some people are morning people, while some do best at night. Many people produce best in quiet, while others love the tumult of a busy office. What is the creative environment that gets your invention ideas flowing?

Interestingly enough, the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index conducted a study of where people work best and least. Here are some results that may boost your creativity:

Where do you do your most creative thinking?
- 20.4 percent – In the car
- 19.9 percent – In my office, workspace or school
- 15.6 percent – In bed (falling asleep, waking up or dreaming)
- 14.4 percent – Outdoors
- 4.9 percent – In the bath or shower
- 4.9 percent – While exercising
- 1.6 percent – Watching television
- 1.0 percent – Listening to music



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