Invent in Your Field of Expertise

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How do you come up with an idea to invent?

Invent in Your Field of Expertise

Inventing a product or process that people need and want is a tough assignment. If you've got a mind for invention but don't know exactly what to invent, look first within your area of expertise. That's what many of our most famous inventors have done.

– Harry Houdini, of course, was a master magician who often placed himself under water for his escape acts. He used his knowledge of the constraints of being submerged to invent an improved diving suit that increased diver safety.

- John Deere was a gifted blacksmith who serviced the equipment of the many farmers in his region. After seeing how farmers had so much trouble turning over their soil, he invented the steel plow.

- Levi Strauss was an apparel manufacturer in Bavaria, who upon coming to the United States decided to create comfortable, yet durable pants for miners, lumberjacks and cowboys. These pants became the blue jeans we still wear today.



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