Get Help with Invention Submission

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How do I find help with invention submission?

Get Help with Invention Submission

Let's say you just invented a new gadget for organizing closets, a completely unique piece of cookware or the perfect way to turn on the TV from another room. You figure you'll make some calls, gain an important person's interest then--presto--a company will want to sell your new idea, and soon the money will start rolling in.

If only taking a new invention to market was that easy! Actually here is a short list of the steps you need to take:

  • Assemble information on the product's features and benefits
  • Hire a patent attorney
  • Perfect the product
  • Hire a graphic designer and write promotional text
  • Research and locate companies and stores that might sell it
  • Get confidentiality agreements with those companies
  • Go to trade shows to meet them
  • Send out press releases to numerous publications
  • Visit still more companies, learn how they do business, make more contacts. . .
Fortunately, for a reasonable fee, you can hire invention submission experts who know much more than you do about how to achieve all these goals. A company like InventHelp® can professionally package your idea then attempt to submit it to an already established data bank of companies that range in size from small to large corporations. InventHelp® has sales offices in more than 60 cities in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Korea, South Africa and Australia. InventHelp® cannot guarantee that your idea will be accepted and no reputable invention services company would, but they can offer services that are difficult to tackle alone. You can find about more about this and other inventor services at or 1-800-Invention.



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