Doing a Patent Number Search

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How do you do a patent number search?

Doing a Patent Number Search

Because the 1790-1975 patents can only be searched by patent number and/or current U.S. patent classification, you must either know particular patents to search, or identify patent classification numbers to search.

To use the patent number search page at the US Patent and Trademark Office Web site at
. Type the patent number or numbers into the box. If you include more than one number, they should be separated by a space. It is not necessary to include commas or to capitalize the prefix.
. Anything you enter into the patent number search box that is not a patent number (other terms, operators like 'OR' or 'AND') will be ignored. The search will be conducted only on entries you make that are recognized as patent numbers.

Click the Search button. The database will be searched for all the numbers you provide, and a list of the documents matching your query will be returned, with the most recent ones first.



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