Strengthing the Progress of US Inventions

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What are the functions of the US Patent and Trademark Office

Strengthing the Progress of US Inventions

Our country was founded on the ideas of free trade and ingenuity of individuals. American innovators have strengthened our developing economy since the birth of our nation. If you have a great idea in this country, protections are offered you by the US Patent and Trademark Office so that you can reap benefits in commercial markets from your abilities. This comes in the form of invention patenting. If you obtain a patent by following the strict standards of the patent office, your idea cannot be stolen by anyone else and sold for profit.

Many countries simply do not operate this way. Their governments do not allow for such remarkable freedom. The overall goal of the US Patent and Trademark Office is to promote industrial and technological progress so our economy remains strong and we continue to be a super power in the world. The US patent office is an agency of the US Department of Commerce. Its role is to grants both patents and trademarks. This office also advises the President, Department of Commerce and other related agencies on matters involving domestic and worldwide aspects of what is called intellectual property.

On a daily basis, the US Patent and Trademark office examines patent applications and either grants or denies them. It also records assignments of patents and offers free information about the patent process. If you are considering invention patenting for your new idea, the first thing you should do is peruse the website, where you will find a wealth of information on how patents work and the procedures for filing. You'll find out what standards constitute a patent and what can and cannot be patented. You'll also find ways to search databases to determine if someone else has already patented your idea. This first step is essential so you don't accidentally spend time and money filing for a patent that will be turned down.



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