Patent Searches Yield Information

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What kinds of information can be obtained by searching patents?

Patent Searches Yield Information

If you have a number of different inventions that are patented you are likely concerned about patent infringement. But what if the person or company that has filed patents related to yours is 2,000 miles away? You may not ever discover it. Conducting a patent search is one way to find this critical information. What if you think that the validity of a claimed invention is in question for some reason? A patent search may also uncover information you can use to support this opinion.

A thorough search of existing patents and published patent applications could also help you in the case that someone is accusing you of patent infringement. In a citation patent search, you can identify the number of times people cite your patents while filing for their own. Patent searches can help you determine if you should file for a foreign patent as well. In this case, because foreign patent law is so complex, you should strongly consider hiring a qualified patent attorney.

Patent searches can even lead to information on the subject of product liability. Many experienced inventors conduct patent searches before they even finish product development as this saves them time and money and allows them to focus on the most patentable ideas they have first. If you obtain professional help to conduct these various patent searches, make sure the person searching has significant experience conducting such searches in your particular field, technology or specialty.



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