Patent Search Companies Growing Tenfold

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Should I hire one of the online patent search companies to conduct my patent search?

Patent Search Companies Growing Tenfold, Inc. is a privately held company based in California that specializes in patent searching, among other services. In 2002, they launched a patent search and analysis software that uses artificial intelligence rather than traditional search technology. Attorneys as well as Fortune 500 companies use PatentCafe to obtain and protect their own or their clients' patent assets.

So, should you use services of this company? That isn't clear until you thoroughly investigate them and, if you use the web to find help on patent searching, you'll be bombarded with other companies and law firms like PatentCafe who will advertise their service as better than the others. The Internet may be one way to find the best search method for you, but use the same cautions you would when buying any other product or service. You can even find some companies and sites online that will let you search patent databases for free.

While these may be a good start, they should not be the only way you search for a patent. With patent numbers now in the tens of millions, it's too easy to miss a patent of interest to your particular filing. The worst case scenario if this happens is, you begin launching your product--investing large amounts of money in the process--only to discover you are infringing on another's patent. Patent search companies like also offer other similar products like the ability to monitor a competitor's patent activity, which could serve crucial to you as your begin to invent additional products or technologies.



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