The Benefits of a Virtual Prototype

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What is a virtual prototype

The Benefits of a Virtual Prototype

Did you know the the website can give you lots of ideas about a new way to prototype an invention called virtual prototyping? These days we use computers for just about anything. They can save time and money on many projects including the prototype phases of a new invention. You should be careful about any company you find online that offers help to inventors. Some online invention marketing companies try to promise you a successful invention launch, including prototypes and other services, but they don't have the proper experience and contacts to do so. Prototyping can be time consuming and expensive so one way to save both time and money is to consider a virtual prototype. The advantages are many including:

*Working out initial design flaws before you have to invest in prototypes produced by manufacturers.

*Offering potential investors a high-end, three dimensional, quality image to see in a presentation.

*Having a way to quickly reproduce that presentation to hand out at trade shows and other meetings.

*Gaining access to professional expertise at a reasonable cost.

Eventually, investors and companies that might sell or license your idea will want to see a working model but--while you are investigating prototype companies--consider whether your product can be prototyped this way and whether it's your best first step.



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