Don't Miss the Market

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How do I know when to take my product to market?

Don't Miss the Market

If you're an inventor, you probably love to tinker with things. If you have enough time, you can likely find a way to perfect or improve just about anything. You love this stage of inventing, the time when you get to be creative and use your mind to its fullest potential. But, some inventors make the mistake of missing a new product's market potential by spending too much time on prototype phases.

Consider the example of computer software. Did you know companies like Microsoft have released products that aren't yet totally perfected? Product testing is extremely time consuming and costly. So, if the product works well enough for an initial launch, companies may actually utilize its first users as testers.' In the case of software, adjustments can be made via the Internet automatically. Also, users may be happy with the software as it us even if it contains some minor flaws. There's nothing more frustrating than buying a product that doesn't work but it also isn't wise to become obsessed with an invention, thereby missing the market window. These days, market windows can be shorter than ever so keep that in mind as you go through prototype phases.



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