Finding a Prototype Company

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Where do I find someone to prototype my invention?

Finding a Prototype Company

Finding a company to complete a series of prototypes for your new invention might be tricky. With the advent of the Internet, more and more such companies are listing themselves online so that may be a good start. When you consider hiring a company online, you should use all the same precautions as you use when you hire a local company or service. Consider calling the Better Business Bureau in the firm's locale to ensure it does not have complaints registered against it. You might try searching under keywords such as: prototyping, prototype an invention, invention prototypes or obtaining a product prototype.

If you hire an out-of-town company to work on your prototype, you'll have to consider the ramifications of being far away, possible travel costs and extra shipping expenses. However, once you complete your invention prototype research, you might determine this move is still best for your invention. You can also consider looking in the yellow pages for a company that might produce a prototype for you. If you are at a loss for finding such a company, consider calling local manufacturers or engineering firms to find a referral. It's possible that an engineer can help you develop your early prototypes if the needed materials can be obtained easily by you. Then, later you can hire a manufacturer to develop the more advanced and complete models. Whatever you decide to do for your invention prototype, ensure that all parties exposed to the working model of your invention sign confidentiality agreements. You might want to consult a lawyer to make sure these agreements are properly written and used.



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