Six-year-old Attains Patent in 1963 for Toy Truck

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How young are kid inventors?

Six-year-old Attains Patent in 1963 for Toy Truck

Invention ideas by kids provide some of the most heart-warming and interesting stories in the invention world. But how young are these kids? Aren't they usually just young adults or kid science gurus? In one case, a famous invention was created by a kid who couldn't get his driver's license for another 10 years. In 1963, a patent was granted to six-year old Robert Patch for a toy truck. He came up with a way to make a truck that could easily be disassembled and changed into a different vehicle. The patent number granted to Patch was 3,091,888. More recently, Jeanie Low of Houston, Texas invented a Kiddie Stool while still in kindergarten. Her stool actually attached to the vanity itself and would swing out of the way when not in use. The invention, which earned a patent in 1992, garnered her much local and national attention and helped her win invention contests. Now in high school, Jeanie has continued to invent as does her sister Elizabeth. If your child is an inventor, look for ways he or she can enter invention contests or give presentations to other kids. This will boost confidence and maybe spark an investor's interest. But, first make sure you take all precautions to protect the invention idea. If you don't, by disclosing it in public, you could forfeit future patent rights and income from sales.



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