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How can I obtain relevant news and information on inventors and inventions?

Relevant News

Did you know the US Patent and Trademark Office offers specific kinds of invention services and inventor help? In addition to finding detailed and updated information on obtaining patents, protecting inventions and conducting a patent search, you can take advantage of its Independent Inventor Resources. To find this service, visit On this USPTO site, you'll find information about invention help scam protection, financing and marketing an invention, on-line chat transcripts about inventions and inventing, information about ebusiness and ebiz alerts, as well as related news. The Internet is full of invention information on a variety of topics but use it carefully. Thoroughly investigate what you learn with other sources as some information may not be correct. Also ask about the history of an invention services, and its success rate and reputation before paying them any money for services. One invention services company, Invent Help, is a credible firm that offers a site on inventors and inventions at There you'll find: inventors and inventions in the news, articles of interest to inventors, invention help links and invention trivia. If you are in the process of perfecting or marketing your new invention, your head is probably spinning with patent law details and copyright basics. Visiting online sites may give you stories about individual inventors and their inventions and that form of learning is also essential as you embark on launching your new product or technology.



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