Use Networking Skills to Launch a New Product

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How do I build networks that might lead to sales of my new product?

Use Networking Skills to Launch a New Product

Believe it or not--even considering the Internet as a powerful, new marketing tool--old-fashioned word of mouth advertising still works and works well. No matter how good your newly developed product is, you're only as good as your networks according to many marketing experts. So, you should start building them as soon as possible--even before your product is ready to launch. Unless you plan to limit your sales to only a local market, you should build networks nationally and even internationally as well. This will mean going to meetings and making monetary commitments. But you shouldn't consider this type of marketing a boomerang approach. It may not lead to immediate sales. But, over time, this type of invention marketing may turn out to be one of the best ways to launch your newly developed product. Here are some ideas to get your started:

*Investigate your local Small Business Development Center. This organization can help you with all aspects of developing and selling new product ideas. They may also provide you with networking ideas.

*Join a local chamber. Here you will meet others like yourself--people pursuing business ideas. Take some time to get to know others before being in a 'selling mode.' Relationships developed at these types of organizations pay off over time. Sometimes chambers have time set aside that members can describe their new products to the group so always take advantage of those times even if your product is not fully created yet. You can still offer some details about it as long as you don't impede your ability to file for a patent by doing so.

*Join trade associations. These organizations focus on key areas of business. It's a good idea to read their magazines and--by joining such an organization--you will be able to communicate with others around the country or world.

*Attend trade shows. Some shows might focus on a particular industry, while others are designed to put inventors in touch with companies who want to sell their products. You can find out about a unique trade show, sponsored by, on its website. There you'll find other ideas about how you can submit your invention to companies.



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