How to Launch a Newly Developed Product

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How can I launch a new product aside from the internet?

How to Launch a Newly Developed Product

When people consider how to launch a new product, it's likely they think of the internet first. We hear all around us about the power of online marketing. It's been proven that consumers are buying more online than ever. And so, a website highlighting your newly developed product isn't a bad idea. But there are some other ways you should consider that focus on how to get your new product idea into someone's hands faster. For example, have you considered handing out samples or coupons for discounts? Make sure you fully investigate where you can and cannot do this in accordance with local laws. Once you find a good spot, you might even consider hiring a nice-looking man or women, or someone wearing a costume to garner more attention.

Another way to launch a new product is to set up a table at a festival or other local event. You may have to pay a fee for the table but--even if you don't have many sales that day--you have successfully marketed your product. At the festival, hand out literature about your new product and a list of places it can be purchased. If you can't afford your own table, consider asking someone if you can pay a fee to them to cover a part of their table set-up. The important thing is that you get a chance to talk to people about the product's benefits and give them something to walk away with so they can make a future purchase.

Finally, you can consider placing your product on consignment in a store that sells to the type of consumer you want to reach. Again, you might have to give up some of your profits but that might be temporary--as long as it takes to build a following. If you decide to place your new product idea in a store, always have the consignment terms in writing.



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