Outline what's needed for your new product

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What all is involved in making my invention sell?

Outline what's needed for your new product

If you are an inventor, it's likely you love to spend your time tinkering, and making new ideas work better. But, if you want to sell your new product idea, you have other responsibilities to consider. While you are developing a new product, it's a good idea to to keep a notebook and file system of all the components that you need to move the idea into reality.

  • First outline everything you will need in terms of supplies and materials to build the product.
  • Identify all the benefits and uses for your product and write them down.
  • Conduct significant research on any competing products.
  • Write down a list of professionals you may need and begin asking for referrals. Organize referrals you receive for patent lawyers, graphic artists and CAD drawing companies.
  • Begin researching companies that might sell, manufacture or distribute your product.
  • Your new invention idea outline should also include detailed information on budgeting, pricing and a list of books and websites that may be useful.
It's important that you continue to tinker with your new idea, getting it to work as good as you can, but always set aside some time each day or week to work on your folder/outline of relevant information.



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