Don't Work on Your Latest Invention Within a Vacuum

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Where can I find support while working on my latest invention?

Don't Work on Your Latest Invention Within a Vacuum

Inventors often working alone in their workshop can lose perspective on their ideas. And while it's never a good idea to show your ideas and latest invention around without restraint, it is a good idea to bring some close relatives, friends or professionals in on the process so you can remain grounded in reality.

If you'd like to talk to other like-minded inventors, it's a good idea to join an inventors association. The United Inventors Association has chapters throughout the country. They run seminars, exchange information, hold workshops and more. What's more, they'll completely understand when you walk into the room with a non-disclosure in hand.

The combined knowledge and experience you'll find will help you navigate the challenging process of developing a new product and bringing it to market.



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