Submit Invention Ideas For Awards

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Where can I submit invention ideas for awards?

Submit Invention Ideas For Awards

Because our economy is powered by innovation, prestigious competitions have been established to recognize and reward scientists, engineers and inventors for their hard work and perseverance. If you think your idea can make the grade, these awards will provide the monetary assistance to help bring your ideas to fruition.

- The Lemelson – MIT Prize awards $500,000 to individuals who turn their ideas into inventions that change the world we live in and improve life for all of us.
- The Collegiate Inventors Competition is open to graduate students and awards over $75,000 in prizes to both the student/inventor and their academic advisors.
- The Invention Convention, an annual trade show and new products showcase each year awards several prizes including the Bulbie – a lifetime achievement of innovation award. They also give out 25 awards to inventors of new products based on the products' usefulness, inventiveness and redeeming social or environmental qualities.
- The Frieda J. Riley Teacher Award recognizes American teachers who positively impact their students. The award is named after the teacher depicted in the movie, October Sky.



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