Invention of the Car

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What is the significance of the invention of the car?

Invention of the Car

Ask anyone who invented the car and they will most likely respond, Henry Ford. Well, Henry Ford invented the first car with a combustion engine, but the first car, which was made with a steam engine, was developed by Richard Dudgeon.

What made Henry Ford's car memorable, was that it was much cheaper to produce, making it affordable for many Americans. Henry Ford's car, the Model T, made it possible for almost every household to own a car, allowing families and friends to visit those living farther away, and for people to drive to work.

But the invention behind the invention that was even more radical was the process Ford developed to manufacture his cars – the conveyor belt-based assembly line. This new process with its subdivision of labor allowed Ford to make a new car in just 93 minutes. This industrial revolution invention allowed him to shorten his workers hours and nearly double their wages.



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