1960s Inventions

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What are some 1960s inventions?

1960s Inventions

The 1960s were about a lot more than just peace and love. It was a time of tremendous innovation that benefited all mankind. Consumer goods of all types, science, and technology all made advancements that affected the quality of our lives tremendously. Against the backdrop of civil rights, the space race, and the birth of the environmental movement, innovation flourished at a rapid pace. Here are some 1960s inventions of note:

- The development of the integrated circuit marked the beginning of the computer age, leading to the establishment of hundreds of computer hardware companies including Apple, Dell and Compaq.
- Permanent press fabric would permanently change the lives of housewives around the world.
- The ATM machine was designed allowing bank customers to conduct transactions from any other ATM machine in the world.
- The lava light was invented and became a symbol of the psychedelic age.
- The first automatic analog cellular phone was made, although the first commercial models weren't introduced until 1979.
- The first residential smoke alarm was designed, saving the lives of countless people over the years.



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the invention of the smoke alarmed turned out useful.thanks for the inventor who made it he saved a lotof people by making that.

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