Professional Evaluations for New Products Inventions

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What does a new products inventions evaluation provide?

Professional Evaluations for New Products Inventions

New products inventions such as the cordless jump rope (US Patent # 7037243) or the hand shaped sun visor (US Patent # D499858) may seem patently absurd to us, yet these seemingly silly inventions were granted patents. That's because they fulfilled the three requirements necessary to qualify for a patent: They are novel, non-obvious and useful.

These three requirements though, have no impact on whether or not new products inventions will catch on in the marketplace. Not all new products inventions lead to fame and fortune. As a matter of fact, they sometimes take quite some time to catch on, if ever.

A professional product development evaluation is an effective way to establish the viability of your product idea. During an evaluation, technical experts and researchers test
- technical feasibility
- existing patents
- market size
- the competition
- market demands
- distribution potential and more.

A product development evaluation could mean the difference between prosperity and obscurity. The last place you want your invention to show up is on one of the wacky inventions web sites.



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