Market Search For New Product Development

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What is a new product development market search?

Market Search For New Product Development

New product development is a constant process. In every corporation, university and personal workshop around the world, people endeavor to make the world a better place by developing everything from new medications and toys to software and foods. With all this invention going on its only logical that before you invest a lot of time, energy and financial resources to develop a new product, you first establish that it really is new.

If you've got an idea you'd like to develop into a new product, a practical first step before conducting a formal patent search is to do a market search to make sure your idea isn't already out there.

Let's say your product idea is for a new garden tool. Go to garden supply stores, check online outlets, and search catalogs to see if something similar is already offered for sale. If you've scoured the products within your product category and find you still are on to something, then its time to move ahead with a formal patent search.



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