The Invention Prototype Process

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What can I do to make invention prototyping easier?

The Invention Prototype Process

If your an inventor, you likely have a creative personality. You can visualize things faster than anyone else. You see things others miss. Most inventors in history were initially laughed at. Consider the Wright Brothers or Leonardo da Vinci. He had ideas for futuristic things long before someone found a way to product them. But, when you enter the prototype phase of your invention, you have to be willing to be part of a give and take professional relationship.

For instance, an engineer might say, this would work perfectly if you make a certain change. You might say, I simply can't make that change. But do you have a truly great reason for not considering it? If you are hiring a company to help you with an invention prototype, its employees might also have ideas you haven't considered. After all, if your product can't be produced on a mass scale, it doesn't matter how good or inventive an idea it is. Of course, you can't make changes that would invalidate any claims you made in your patent filing, or infringe on another so it might be good to involve your patent attorney at this stage, too.

To make the prototype phase work as quickly and efficiently as possible, try to focus on the engineer or manufacturing manager as partners rather than employees of yours, and remember you might react too fast because the invention is your baby. This isn't to say, you should accept any and all suggestions, but just focusing on a team approach will make this phase of inventing much more enjoyable, more successful and maybe even help improve on your original idea.



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