Marketing an Invention: Create a Logo

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Should I create a logo for my newly invented product?

Marketing an Invention: Create a Logo

It's easy to find examples of the power of a logo. Consider the Nike swoosh or the Target bulls-eye. These logos have been so well marketed that consumers can identify the company by its logo before seeing the printed words. People often react to symbols more than words alone and that is why you might consider developing a logo as part of your invention marketing plan. That way, people can begin to identify your product with a specific symbol and this greatly enhances any marketing work you do. If you are adept at computers you might be able to develop your own logo. But, it might be best to get a professional to do it for you. If the logo isn't properly developed, it might not have a professional appearance when it is produced in mass. Graphic design firms and marketing firms have artists on staff that can create a logo for you. Or, if you know someone who is a graphic artist, you might be able to pay directly for the services to be done after work. You can also consider calling a graphic design school and asking if your logo can become a class project. Newly graduated graphic artists may even do one for free in an effort to enhance their portfolios. People often make common mistakes when creating a logo. Here are some tips that can help:

*Don't create a logo that is too busy. If there is too much going on, the human eye will naturally look away. Consider the Nike swoosh again and the power in its simplicity.

*Don't try to say everything there is to say about your business in a logo. Communicate a key idea instead. The Target logo doesn't indicate what the store sells but the idea that you've found the right place to buy.

*Don't use too many colors in a logo. This also causes the human eye to be overwhelmed.

*Don't create a logo that is too small. To be effective, people need to see your logo from a distance and still recognize it. Consider how your logo will look on letterhead, packaging and similar materials.

*Consider a logo choice carefully. Get a designer to give you at least three options. If you decide later you don't like it, it will be expensive and difficult to create and market a new one.



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