Obtain an Invention Prototype

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What is an invention prototype?

Obtain an Invention Prototype

If you are looking for investors to fund your new idea, you will need to create an invention prototype. In fact, you will probably create a number of different prototypes before your idea is ready to be produced in a large quantity. Investors like to see prototypes so they can get a clear idea of how your product looks and what it does. Prototypes will also help you, the inventor, make appropriate adjustments to your design. There are a variety of prototype processes available, depending on the type of product you have invented and the exact finish you need its surface to have. Here are a few options:

  • Stereolithography: This is good for form testing and show models and can be finished in a variety of ways such as primed or painted.
  • Cast Urethanes: This process is ideal if you need up to 100 marketing samples or test pieces.
  • PolyJet Technology: These prototypes can be machined, drilled or used as molds.
You may be able to find a company to prototype your product online. But, be careful and always check the source out first. You may also want to see if the company is listed in the Better Business Bureau in the city where it is located. That way, if there are significant complaints filed against it, you can keep looking.



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