Obtaining an Invention Patent

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How do I obtain a patent?

Obtaining an Invention Patent

If you are looking to patent an idea, you should first study and understand the correct process. If you don't and make a mistake, it could cost you the patent as well as lots of potential cash.

  • First and foremost you should keep a clear record of how and when you developed the idea, even during its stages of creation. You may want to secure the advice of a professional to determine if your idea is worthy of obtaining a patent. Make sure that person is legally bound to keep the information confidential such as a patent attorney or registered patent practitioner.
  • Then, as soon as possible, you should file a patent application. It's essential that you file this application before there is any public disclosure of the idea or product. If you don't you could lose your rights to the patent. This is called loss of rights by public disclosure. You might be tempted to talk about your idea or product to everyone you see as you'll be so excited, but you should wait until you learn how to get a patent first.
  • Sometimes people send themselves a registered letter in order to help patent the invention. This is often referred to as a poor man's patent. But, it's best if you send that letter to a registered patent professional instead. It may be needed as evidence down the line if someone else has the same or similar idea to yours. You'll want to be able to adequately prove you had it first.



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