Get Invention Help for Kids

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Can a kid patent an idea and receive royalties from an invention?

Get Invention Help for Kids

Does your child always come up with new and novel ideas? If so, he or she might end up like Kathryn (K-K) Gregory, a girl who invented Wristies ® when she was only ten. After playing in the cold, wet snow, she wondered if there was a way to keep her wrists better protected from the elements.

In 1994, at the age of ten, Kathryn invented Wristies ® and soon became not only an inventor but an entrepreneur. She made a bunch of Wristies ® for her scout troup and they encouraged her to make more. She then patented the idea, trademarked the name and now has a company and a website. She's even had her product featured on Oprah and The Today Show.

If you have a child like K-K, make sure you get reliable invention help before you actively pursue marketing and selling an idea. K-K did the right thing by obtaining patent and trademark protection so no one else can make money from her product. You can find invention help on websites like These sites cannot tell you whether an idea is patentable or refer you to a lawyer, but they are filled with basic advice for new inventors of all ages.



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