Inventing the Wonderbra in 1964

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When was the Wonderbra (tm) invented?

Inventing the Wonderbra in 1964

Think the Wonderbra ™ is a recent invention? It's easy to believe that since we've seen it advertised so much in recent years. It's the hit of model runways and lingerie catalogs because of its ability to enhance one's breast size with supposedly comfortable padding.

Actually the first designer of the Wonderbra ™ was Louise Poirier who developed it for a Canandian company in 1964. At that time the specially designed bra had 54 design elements. The Wonderbra was licensed to sell in Europe initially and--believe it or not--it wasn't much of a hit even though it promised that a woman wearng a size 34 would look like she was a size 36!

In the early 1990s, cleavage made a comeback and sales took off. Billboards featuring a supermodel wearing a Wonderbra ™ ads were even blamed for some traffic accidents. Unfortunately the original invention license for the bra expired just before it became an even bigger hit in the US. After a successful American campaign, Wonderbras ™ began selling at the rate of 4 per minute. The idea, born in 1964, continues to garner attention and sales to this day.



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