Research Inventor Services

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What is an inventor services company

Research Inventor Services

If you are new to the field of inventions, patents or licencing your own new product, you may not have heard of the term inventor services. But, over the years companies have been launched to offer people just that--help with inventions. This help can span many areas such as:

  • How to understand the complicated patenting process
  • Information and leads about prototyping a new product
  • Access to professionals who specialize in helping inventors via online or phone
  • Ways to submit your invention to companies looking to market new products, patent attorney referral
  • Information about trade shows where you can pitch your product to the right people
  • Guides on how to search patents the correct way and more.
But be careful. As with any service company, not all inventor service companies are a safe bet. You should thoroughly investigate any such company before you enter into agreement with them
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against an inventor services company.
  • Never give out detailed information about your product idea unless there is a written agreement of confidentiality.
  • Be especially careful of any companies who promise they can make you a millionaire through a prescribed fee-based program.
  • Be wary of any inventor services company that tells you over the phone your idea can be patented.
  • The best inventor services companies offer information on how to take the right steps, not promises about what will happen if you do.
Taking a new invention to market is tricky business and you should
explore many avenues of assistance before you make any major investment
of your money.



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