Get Inventor Help Before You Launch

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How can I get the best inventor help?

Get Inventor Help Before You Launch

If you just created a new dog toy, wouldn't you want to show it to pet store buyers? Maybe you just discovered the next office innovation and you'd love to sell it directly to a supply store near you. Or, you have the best idea yet for a kitchen gadget and you think you could sell millions if you just met the right people.

Online companies like offers help to all kinds of inventors and presents America's largest trade show for new inventions and product ideas. Office Depot, Bosch, Hasbro and Tupperware are all companies who have attended this show called INPEX® . At this venue, you can exhibit your new ideas to those companies who are looking to license, market or manufacture the best new products. You'll also have access to the INPEX® Inventors University and the Inventor Resource Center where you can learn the ins and outs of taking your new idea to market.

If you want to make money from your unique creation, you need to know and understand important aspects of launching a product such as intellectual property, prototyping and manufacturing. InventHelp ® sponsors its Inventors University at INPEX ® to offer detailed information to inventors through seminars, presentations, panel discussions and admission is free for InventHelp ® clients. You can learn more about INPEX ® and other invention services offered by InventHelp (r) at



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