Prototype Stages

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How functional does an invention prototype need to be?

Prototype Stages

Invention prototype development is a necessary dimension to new product development. Done is stages along the way, your prototype is not just a presentation to the outside world, but a tool that will guide you to design the best possible product. As your product becomes more complete, your prototype will develop in sophistication too.

Crude Prototype – This is a beginning prototype and can be completed by yourself. The purpose of this step is to build something that will give you a better understanding of where you are going with your invention. At this point materials are not important, and this does not have to be a working model.

Working Prototype – Your working prototype should allow people to test out some of the working features of your invention. It does not need to work as well as a finished product, but does need to perform its functions. At this stage, you will need to think about the final materials for this product and develop a more sophisticated model.

Final Prototype – A final prototype is also called a manufacturing prototype, because it closely resembles the one that will be on the market. It should look and function like a finished product. If you are going to license your product rather than manufacture it yourself, you don't need to take your invention to a final prototype.



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