Don't Skimp on Invention Presentation Materials

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Can I save money on invention presentation materials?

Don't Skimp on Invention Presentation Materials

Developing your invention idea into a marketable product takes financial resources. There are places along the way where hard work, organization, and bootstrapping can save you substantial sums. But not when it comes to making a prototype, presentation, or packaging.

You only get one shot at making a first impression. The professionalism of your presentation materials says a lot about you. It communicates your level of professionalism, and how much value you place on your invention. It addresses what kind of a person you would be to work with and how passionate you are about gaining success.

Your materials say just as much about you as they do about your invention. Don't give potential licensors, investors, manufacturers or any other potential business associates any wrong cues about your product or intentions by skimping on your presentation materials.



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