Parenting Your Invention

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How can I increase the odds my invention will make it?

Parenting Your Invention

So many companies out there are aggressively advertising to submit invention ideas to obtain new patents and promote new products for inventors. And its easy to see how time and time again, they find new inventors willing to hand over their money for a chance at having their new product make it.

Inventors put tremendous time and effort into their products. And, they become so close to it they lose objectivity. Only about two to three percent of all inventions are successfully marketed, but that doesn't mean inventors should lose their optimism.

Parent your invention as you would your child. Nurture the strengths. Be willing to compromise. Steer clear of unhealthy relationships and protect it from harm. There is no reason why your invention can't be in that two to three percent that makes it. And you increase your chances substantially when you have a plan that includes making investigated decisions at all times.



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